The End of All Things (Final Fantasy VII - The Birth of a God)

by Geeks and Guitars

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This is my arrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's "The Birth of a God" from Final Fantasy VII. A few words about this song and Bizarro Sephiroth...

"The Birth of a God" tends to get overshadowed by "One Winged Angel" (and rightfully so - more on that in a second), however this song seriously rocks. It's truly an epic boss battle theme and does a great job both with its intensity and also thematically by brilliantly bringing back Sephiroth's main theme "Those Chosen By the Planet" midway through as if to say "hey remember that psychotic murderer we've been mentioning for the last 50 hours you've been playing this game? Well, HERE HE IS."

I would argue that Bizarro Sephiroth is the archetype of final bosses up until that time. You thought that was the final battle when you were fighting that guy and this song does a great job putting all that together. The reason this all gets forgotten is as soon as that battle was over and Safer Sephiroth rose from the ashes and the choir started singing, your 7th grade mind EXPLODED. Everything changed for RPGs at that moment, I think. Cuz this is what it was all about now: choirs and over the top epicness and craziness. RPGs (especially Square RPGs) turned a corner at that moment and never looked back.

So Bizarro Sephiroth was important in a way because he was pretty much the last of the breed. I have a lot of love for that boss battle and this song, so the "The End of All Things" is my homage to Biz Seph and RPG final boss battles of old. Enjoy!


released March 2, 2016
Bass, EWI and guitars played by Chris Chirico
Drums and additional sounds programmed by Chris Chirico
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by Chris Chirico
Recorded and mixed by Chris Chirico




Geeks and Guitars New York, New York

One geek, multiple guitars. Sometimes a saxophone. (It's a bit of a misnomer.)

Chris Chirico is a part-time Internet musician, full-time nerd. He's been playing, composing and recording music for over 15 years.

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